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Chicago Child Evangelism Fellowship

Chicago CEF: Child Evangelism Fellowship

The Problem
You don’t even have to turn on the news to hear about another child shot in gang wars. Child abuse is ever on the rise-molestation...beating...neglect... Each day nearly a million children in Chicago are shuffled through a failing educational system. Fewer children know how to read. Gangs run rampant in our streets. Addiction to illegal drugs control the minds of thousands of small children. The foster care system is bursting at the seems, and jails are packed to the breaking point. The economy is struggling. However, the Child sex trade and slavery market is alive and thriving. Chicago is in trouble. Government officials are trying their best, but the problem is too massive for them to handle alone.

The Need
Children don’t need just another government program, they need a grass-roots, community based movement to help them grow up right, or sometimes grow up at all.  Children need adults to talk to, someone to engage them in meaningful conversation, someone to tell their problems to, someone to love them...

Chicago CEF: Child Evangelism Fellowship

The Solution
For 75 years Chicago Child Evangelism Fellowship has been quietly serving children in Cook and DuPage counties, helping them to grow up right; providing for their needs.

We connect people who care with children in need. CEF is the largest ministry to children worldwide, and have some of the best training to help volunteers help children. For 75 years, our full-time staff has equipped caring community members to succeed in their pursuit of helping children grow up right. When a child reaches his teen years, we have practical programs to train urban youth to give back to their own neighborhoods, keeping them focused on helping other children grow up right, instead of joining a gang and becoming part of the problem.

Throughout the last few decades, the problem has grown to astronomical heights. As the problem has grown, we also need to expand our efforts to support more children and their families. To grow, we need more funding. We don’t have any government grants or trust fund. We operate on the gifts of people like you, who care about children. We need your help! Would you please give as generously as possible to help Chicago’s children grow up right?

Without donated funds, we cannot continue to function. Will you give a donation to help this important work? Together, we can help Chicago’s children survive-and even thrive! Give you tax-deductible donation now. You can securely donate through PayPal by using your credit card, debit card, or PayPal account by going to

You can also mail a tax deductible donation to:
Chicago Child Evangelism Fellowship 702 S Grace St Lombard, IL 60148

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