One Hope United

One Hope United


One Hope United was founded as Chicago Baptist Orphanage in 1895 and Hudelson Baptist Children’s Home in 1903. The scope of services of both organizations evolved over the years, expanding to include foster care, clinical services and early childhood development.

The two organizations entered into a management agreement in 1987, creating a historic partnership between the agencies. In 2001, we expanded our services to Florida during the state’s transition to child welfare privatization. In 2004, we transformed into a federated partnership to reflect our position as national organization working toward the same mission: protecting children and strengthening families.

In January 2010, we changed our name to One Hope United. As One Hope United, we are uniquely positioned to advance our mission throughout our service areas by providing a diverse array of prevention, intervention and community-based support programs to vulnerable, high-risk populations, as well as education and advocacy on the local, state and national levels.

One challenge that we face is the lack of awareness about our work within the city of Chicago. With the help of 3oclockclub members, we can reach a wider audience, inform the public on a much greater scale about the importance of protecting children and strengthening families. One Hope United is striving to fulfill this aim with your help. Together, we can generate even greater support to move us closer to achieving our vision of providing a safe home for every child.

For more information, please visit Also, if you want to get involved or give a little more ... we accept additional donations outside of your purchases on this month.