Charity of the Month: The Apareció Foundation

The Apareció Foundation

About The Apareció Foundation
The Apareció Foundation is a registered 501 (c) 3 charity, geared toward the development of a four year renewable scholarship, foreign language, study abroad and volunteer program designed to accelerate achievement for low-income, high-potential women in Chicago Public High Schools.

Utilizing a group-mentoring model, the student mentoring initiative creates opportunities for Apareció women scholars to connect with professional women from a wide range of industries over the course of six years.

Our History
The Apareció Foundation was established on March 21, 2009 to recognize and follow Felix Apareció George’s contributions as an educator, community leader, and his continued belief in serving his community. Felix currently serves as the Treasurer for the Executive Board of The Apareció Foundation. The Apareció Foundation was conceived to advocate for forward- looking strategies designed to improve the status of women and to eliminate gender based discrimination for low-income, high- potential women in the Chicago Public High Schools.

Women are at a higher risk for being left behind and thus have the greatest need for increased access to opportunities. Our programs are designed to provide opportunities for our young women to become leaders, to think critically, and to increase their skills and confidence so they are able to make positive, high impact changes in their lives. Most importantly, we strive to ensure the successful transition for these young women from high school to college graduation and beyond.

Our Mission
Provide mentoring, academic support, and scholarship programs for high-potential, low-income women in Chicago Public High Schools (CPS)

  • To create opportunities for young women to be mentored by professional women from  various industries
  • To increase the collegiate graduation rates of low-income, high-potential female students in CPS
  • To promote educational and support services designed to improve the stature of women in society

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