Las Vegas Charity of the Month:
CASA Foundation

CASA Foundation: Court Appointed Special Advocates, Las Vegas

The CASA Foundation exists to identify and fund the individual needs of abused and neglected children in foster care in Clark County – needs that would go unmet if it weren’t for the CASA Foundation and its generous donors.

Because official Clark County programs cannot be funded by – nor can they receive funds from – private organizations, the CASA Foundation works entirely separately from a similarly-named county program (link). These two organizations – one non-profit and private, one governmentally-funded and managed – share common goals of helping children in foster care in Clark County, but they do their work in very different ways, and with completely separate funding streams.

At a time when many worthy organizations are hurting, why should you choose CASA Foundation for your personal or corporate philanthropy? The answer is simple, and comes in two forms:

  1. You will be helping vulnerable, at-risk children with individual programs that are designed to change their lives for the better – your impact isn’t just for today, but for life!
  2. The CASA Foundation takes its stewardship seriously. While some charities invest an inordinate amount of their personal and corporate philanthropy in organizational overhead, the CASA Foundation is a 100% volunteer-driven organization.

We proudly put a phenomenal 95% of every donation to work on
programs that benefit Clark County’s at-risk foster children.


When you donate to the CASA Foundation, you are investing in the future of Clark County, one at-risk child at a time. The impact you create will be felt by those children – and by all the people their lives touch – for the rest of their lives.

Unlike the county program under which the court assigns trained volunteers to advocate for foster children back to the court, the CASA Foundation exists to meet those critical unmet individual and human needs of the children who have nowhere else to turn. The CASA Foundation funds tutoring programs, recreational programs and personal development programs on a child-specific basis. Because of abuse or neglect, there are 3,500 children in foster care in Clark County at any given time – those are the children CASA Foundation exists to serve.

Every day, new abused and neglected children are taken from their homes by the courts and placed into foster care because their parents cannot – or will not – take care of them. Adrift in an overburdened public social services system, these vulnerable children urgently need safe and permanent homes, educational and healthcare services, as well as the support of a responsible and caring adult.

No matter how dedicated and well-intentioned, there are limits to what the County and its foster care program can do to support these vulnerable children with their specialized, individual needs. This is where the CASA Foundation steps in – to meet the unmet individual needs of those children, and CASA Foundation’s donors help to fund those needs.

The CASA Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established in June 1983 to promote and support education and other individual needs of foster care children which cannot be funded by Clark County.


Did you know that there are over 3,500 children in Foster Care in Clark County alone?  A CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) is a volunteer who is appointed by the court to be the voice of the child during his/her court proceedings.  Today we have just over 250 CASAs who generously make the time to understand the needs of their appointed child and give their child a voice in the system so that they are best served.  In many cases children in care move several times in a year, start over in new schools, causing their only consistent face and sense of security to be that of their CASA.

To recognize these incredible heroes, the CASA Foundation hosts an annual Recognition Gala.  This year our 22th Annual Child Advocacy Recognition Gala is being planned for October 6, 2012.

The CASA Foundation raises money to support the efforts of the CASA volunteers and to help meet the myriad of needs of children in foster and alternative care that exceed governmental funding. These needs range from tutoring, eye glasses, braces, sports, camp, music, etc.  

In conjunction with the Recognition Gala, the CASA Foundation raises funds through a silent auction. This is another area where you can help.  If you are a local business, please consider making a donation for the auction that can be used to raise funds to support the efforts of the CASA volunteers and the needs of our children in care... The CASA Foundation is all too familiar with these economic times and we need your assistance now more than ever.  

Thank you for your support.  Your help makes a difference to the children, our most precious resource. For more information, like volunteering or adopting, please visit our website: Or to donate directly, please click here.

To send donations via USPS:

CASA Foundation
4045 S. Buffalo Drive
Suite A101-160
Las Vegas, NV 89147
702-588-CASA (2272)