AmeriFace: The Cleft / Craniofacial Advocates


Charity of the Month: AmeriFace

AmeriFace is a national non-profit organization headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada and will celebrate 20 years of service and support for the cleft/craniofacial community in 2011!

Cleft lip and/or palate is the most common birth defect in the Untied States according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). One in every 600 infants is born with an orofacial cleft.  The mission of AmeriFace is to provide information and emotional support to individuals with facial differences and their families and increase public understanding through awareness programs and education. We support individuals whose facial differences are present at birth, as well as those who have acquired facial differences as a result of illness, disease or trauma, such as stroke, cancer, accident and burns.

AmeriFace is extremely fortunate to have a network of dedicated volunteers in the Las Vegas Valley and throughout the country, including an all-volunteer staff at headquarters. AmeriFace delivers more than 92% of every dollar donated directly to programs, including cleftAdvocate (

AmeriFace programs and volunteers have been recognized and honored by:

  • American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association (ACPA)
  • Cleft Palate Foundation (CPF)
  • Jefferson Awards for Public Service
  • Oprah’s Big Give
  • VOICES - One voice can lead to a chorus for change® campaign
    (featured on the Montel Williams Show)

Making a world of difference in a world of facial differences!

For more information and to donate to the amazing organization, please visit