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Kids Camp / Workshop

3006 Rigel Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89102 (corporate office) - PLEASE NOTE THAT THE ACTUAL DAY CAMP DESTINATIONS ARE LOCATED THROUGHOUT THE VALLEY - see website for details.




Unique! Unforgettable! Exciting! Cool!  These words have all been used to describe Mad Science.  Mad Science is the world'’s leading fun science provider for birthday parties, after-school programs, in-school workshops, camps, assemblies, and corporate events.  Children will experience unique, hands-on science activities that will spark their imaginative learning!

Mad Science'’s mission is to spark the imagination and curiosity of children everywhere.  We provide fun, interactive, and educational activities that instill a clearer understanding of science and how it affects the world around us.  With over 20 years experience we are the experts in spectacular science.

Since Mad Science came to the Las Vegas Valley seven years ago, we have become a staple at dozens of elementary schools, rec centers, parties, and events throughout the area.  We are proud to be the recipient of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce award for "“The Company That Best Exemplifies the Spirit of Las Vegas" for THREE YEARS IN A ROW (2004-2005, 2005-2006, 2006-2007).  Just recently Mad Science was given the "Innovative Business of the Year" award for 2007, and thanks to amazing feedback from our many customers we were honored by the office of the Governor of Nevada and the US House of Representatives for outstanding service to the community!”

Mad Science'’s immense popularity is due to the perfect blend of education and entertainment.  Programs are loaded with exciting experiments and amazing demonstrations!  Whether children are mixing up slime-y concoctions, launching model rockets, or exploring bubbling potions, they are learning about science and how it affects the world around them.  Guaranteed to amuse and entertain!

Kid's Camp Options:
Camp #1 - Galactic Groove!

From our Earth's atmosphere to the outer reaches of our solar system, this hands-on program sends children on a quest for exploration! Join us in our Mission Control Center to explore Newton's laws of motion, discover comets, planets and stars as well as unviel the mysteries of space travel and rockets!!

Camp #2 - Crazy Chem Works!
This action packed camp is bubbling over with classic experiments and crazy concoctions. Perform spectacular hands-on activities using real tools. Witness stunning demonstrations and join in inquiry-based discussions. Students will learn, and apply, the concepts and techniques just like a real chemist. Crazy Chemworks is the perfect introduction to elementary chemistry. Junior chemists will record their adventures as they compile a journal throughout the week.

Camp #3 - Make it, Move it, Prove it!
Mad Science invites you to discover how things move with science.  Take apart pellets to see what an owl cannot digest!  View the world through a camera obscura that you make yourself.  Join a team of camper engineers and build bridges, domes, cubes and pyramids.  Assemble and control pulleys, levers, catapults, simple machines and megapinchers!  Make your own sidewalk chalk, and crystal gardens!

Camp #4 - Discovery Lab
Discover the amazing world of Mad Science.  Each day your Mad Scientist will explore a new science adventure.  We’ll make “mad mucus” and map out the human body.  Get a taste for space as you launch a “bottle rocket”.  Test soil for “Martian” life and experiment with space suit design.  Test what your toes have to do with tennis.  Grow jaws and claws to feed your beastly stomach.

Camp #5 - Secret Agent Lab!
Our team of scientists has been working overtime to develop these brand new “top secret” activities.  Campers will join the Mad Science Bureau of Investigations to sniff out forgeries and counterfeits!  They will use scientific methods to reconstruct events and foil a burglary using state of the art security methods.  Use spy gadgets to help with breaking codes and discovering clues, while checking out a crime scene from the view of a detective.