Straight Up Tanning Las Vegas

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Gift Certificate Disclaimers:
1st time clients only. Valid for 5 tans on the most power bed. Not valid with other offers or previous purchases. No cash value / change given. Expires 6 months from the date of purchase.

Type of Business:
Tanning Facility

6870 S. Rainbow, Las Vegas, NV 89118
1930 Village Center Circle 89134



Straight Up Tanning started out as a privately owned popular East Coast tanning franchise on Fort Apache & Flamingo. We opened our doors for business back in March of 2007 and remained a franchise until July 2009. In July 2009 we decided it would be best for the salon if we went independent. Straight Up Tanning is now located on 215 & Rainbow and has added 7 more tanning units to the “family” to total 20. Having the quality and amount of these units allows us to be a no appointment, no wait salon. When we moved locations 250+ of our loyal clients followed.

I started the business because I believe in and am passionate about the product we offer. Tanning in a vertical booth allows for a more sanitary tan that tans you 360 degrees with lower UV rays. We pride ourselves on being “hands on” owners and take the time to train & educate our staff and keep the booths & equipment with freshly rotated bulbs.

Jules runs the salon with her closely picked hard working team of employees. Jules comes from a close Italian family that solidify the term “family business” and “family values”. Before moving to Las Vegas she lived in the New York / New Jersey area and worked for L’Oreal USA as well as owned her own auction antique business. “When I Lived on the East Coast I tanned standing up - that’s just how you tan there. It’s the best! Period.” -Jules

My goal is to have the BEST tanning salon in Las Vegas. BEST equipment, BEST prices & BEST staff.